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As a full-stack developer, my journey is not just about coding and technology; it's deeply rooted in my personal experiences. Originally from Texas, I've spent much of my life in Florida, with several relocations to Tennessee along the way. My faith in God and Jesus is central to who I am. I am a proud parent to three wonderful children, Asher, Ava, and Emmitt, who add immeasurable joy and purpose to my life. My role as a full-stack developer is an integral part of my identity, shaped by a rich tapestry of personal and professional experiences.

Now serious discussion on how I get involved in web development. I was born profoundly deaf and could not fit in both cultures - the hearing and deaf world. When my father discovered I was deaf, he enrolled me at the University of Tennessee to learn how to sign at two years old. However, the doctor has suggested that I should not learn how to sign and become verbal after years of learning to speak by using speech synthesis or computer speech. As a result, I have always been interested in computers. By the time I was enrolled in elementary school, I was in the gifted program to learn how to type, advanced math, and learn how to make shapes and functions on a Commodore 64 and Apple Macintosh.

In middle school, I was more interested in engineering and programming and often requested to fix computer issues. So when AOL dial-up came out and I used Netscape, I became more fascinated with how are these websites function. During my last year of middle school, I was the library's student assistant and spent most of my time reading about computers and technology.

High school years were a flyby with fantastic years with all these technology classes. However, I enjoyed high school every day. My classmates would play Duke Nukem, and I wouldn't be allowed to play much time because I was over-competitive. I spent most of my time learning to use and write Visual Basic, QBasic, FoxPro, HTML, CSS, PHP, FrontPage, Adobe Flash + Photoshop, SwishZone, C++, and many more. During my high school year, I rented out dedicated servers to Half-Life mods, mainly Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic, on a Linux server. It was a great learning experience outside of school to learn another OS. At the same time, I would also host a few IRC and Eggdrop bots along with web hosting. One thing that the gamers were missing was the website for their clan. I saw an opportunity to make some little money by creating their websites with pre-made templates that I had.

This is how my passion and motivation begin for web development.

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